Why content is crucial for a brand?


Branding is essentially a content dependent process. This implies that the engagement quotient with prospects is taken to the next level or is relegated to the side-line based on the relevance, quality and timeliness of content published.

Content is paramount for a brand endeavouring to win unwavering loyalty of customers and turn them into evangelists, preaching for the brand on its behalf.

Importance of quality content
Brand building is no longer a cushy job as it used to be some time ago. The mood and preference factor of hard-core loyal clients swings so frequently that you can’t rely on them solely to have your business clicking. This mandates building a rapport with prospects through timely content crafted in an engaging manner to elicit maximum favourable response.

Content keeps your brand happening in the eyes of the leads. A brand that fails to publish informative content periodically is assumed to be a dead hunk by niche buyers and they opt for a competing brand. If the adversary lives up to the expectations of the leads, you stand to lose a sizeable chunk of lucrative market in the process.

The socially aware generation of today hounds hip platforms which can tickle them with zappy content. If your brand is aspiring to catch the attention of these leads, you need to spice up your content with updates, allurements and other items that would cause it to become viral. You would be stunned to learn that more than 900 million users are flocking sites like WhatsApp, Viber etc. daily worldwide. You can monetize on this vast untapped market.

Video marketing is a trend that is fast picking up. Each video is accompanied by relevant content that defines the functionality of the product or service to the audience and then has a link attached at the end. If you want to inspire the viewers to click on this link, you need to serve with the right content that would make them feel that your offerings are superior to contemporaries.

Content rules the roost when it comes to aggressive brand building exercise.

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A strategy that identifies a mark, symbol, word(s) or combination of same that separates one company's product or service from that of another is a way of defining the branding strategy.

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