Branding - the evolving trends in 2016


Branding effort keeps getting defined each passing year with new trends sweeping the market. The year 2016 isn’t different.

Content marketing would be the mainstay for brands trying to win the loyalty of audiences and build an irresistible image. The trends that would be dominating the brand image creation have been optimistically portrayed in a nutshell below.

Branding Trends of 2016
Media moguls such as ‘The Wall Street Journal’ will regain their foothold in a fiercely competitive landscape defined by volatile and capricious audience moods through sponsored content. However, other brands may suffer if proper control over native advertising is not exercised. Native or sponsored, relevant and informative content will build credibility of brands by bringing more word of mouth promotion. Brands that fail to monetize on the trend would be decimated.

Large brands would start buying media platforms for the purpose of setting up infrastructural support to allow customers purchase directly from their portals. The B2B domain would be featuring media acquisitions by leading and prestigious brands. The niche sites would be used for aggressively pursuing with targeted audiences through focused, relevant and result oriented content writing. The loyalty of the customers would be consolidated through updating of information relevant to them through these media platforms.

In 2016, companies would get down to reorganize the brand experience offered to customers by focussing on innovative methods to provide better marketing and sales services. The emphasis would shift from creation of large scale content to serving appropriate content with a personalized touch.

The expectations of users would be provided first priority by brands. Hyper relevant content would be served instantaneously to whatever media users are engaging themselves like social platforms, emails, and other channels. The brands would be under significant pressure to step up efforts for delivering to the exact needs of the clients.

Videos like viber videos would emerge as chief content marketing tools for brands across the table. Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Vine, and YouTube will be used for brand image building. The year 2016 will see video driven content for branding gaining momentum.

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A strategy that identifies a mark, symbol, word(s) or combination of same that separates one company's product or service from that of another is a way of defining the branding strategy.

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